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Benefits of participating in the awards

  • Position your company as a market leader and a champion of financial Innovation and excellence in financial inclusion.
  • Marketing exposure to the different organizations/companies’ senior management attendees, media and even your potential customers that will be at the gala.
  • 60-100 companies present at the event with 500-1000 attendees that are in the financial inclusion area
  • Benefit from marketing exposure to the different digital and financial services consumer’s attendees’ majority being experts in the financial inclusion sector.
  • Enhance your company visibility during the voting process and during the gala dinner night for the awards
  • Enhance awareness and Innovativeness in your different products as a result of the award.
  • Network with the industry’s most influential people including most senior-level decision makers in the different financial sector.
    • Stand out as a financial inclusion brand in Kenya and even Africa– Hence command attention on your different products at the event.


Financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa has grown exponentially in the past decade recording a growth of 23% in 2011 to 43% in 2017. Financial services providers (FSPs) have leveraged connected markets, product and technology innovations, accelerated rate of technology adoption by users, push for data-driven decision-making, and evolving regulatory requirements to drive financial inclusion in Africa. For instance, driven by mobile money services availability and uptake, financial inclusion in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) increased from 3.7 percent in 2011 to 26 percent in 2017.
Despite the impressive growth in Africa challenges remain in driving the next leap in financial inclusion. Poor infrastructure, high operating costs, underserved segments such as micro-retailers and rural women continue to hinder the progress of Africa greatest success story. Questions linger on how to cost effectively and comprehensively deliver Financial Services to underserved segments and curate innovative models to capture and utilize critical rural data to drive inclusion.
The awards seek to recognize and explore opportunities that brings innovative practices, which have the potential to drive financial inclusion not only in Kenya but globally.